The team of the project A Century of Romanian Architecture

Project coordinator
Radu Pervolovici
Having a Bachelor’s degree in Urbanism from the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, and being a graduate of the MA in Urban Planning from the same university, Radu Pervolovici conducts projects related to several fields: cultural management, design and architecture, landscape and interior design, editing and photo editing, photography and, as might be expected, urbanism. If in the domains of the visual three-dimensional scope, he is preoccupied with minimalism, being an advocate of the famous concept less is more (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe), in the domain of cultural management, his portfolio includes complex projects (A Century of Romanian Sculpture/2013-2014, A Century of Romanian Architecture/2015, International Residence of Audiovisual Creation, Slon, 1st edition/2015), which required the coordination of some multidisciplinary mixed teams. Awards, publications, national and international participations: Catalogue – Overlapping Biennial, Bienala Tinerilor Artisti, ediția a V-a, Editura META, Bucuresti 2012, ISBN: 978-973-86344-9-7 (Foreword); 2META Group Exhibition, Realism After Realism, Bucuresti 2011, META Gallery; Photography award, Gaudeamus International Fair, Romexpo, Bucharest, 2011; participation within the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism at the REA BUDAPEST 2012 contest, "Le renouvellement durable des centres historiques".
Project assistant
Andreea Drăghicescu
Andreea Draghicescu graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Romanian - English (2008). She obtained her Master's degree in Romanian Literary Studies in 2010. Currently, she is a PhD student at the Faculty of Letters and is writing her thesis "The Propaganda Idiom. The Relation between Text and Image in the First Two Decades of Communism in Romania and Bassarabia", under the guidance of Professor Eugen Negrici. Co-author of the volume "Rostopasca... pre limba ei", coordinated by the Romanian art critic and art historian Erwin Kessler (New Media Print Publishing House, 2011), she was a collaborator of the Romanian Cultural Institute in the project X20 - A Radiography of Romanian Art since 1989, a project coordinated by the Romanian art critics Liviana Dan, Erwin Kessler, and Adrian Guță; through the years she has published several studies on postbellic literature  and she is currently teaching seminars in the History of Postbellic Romanian Literature at the Faculty of Letters. In 2012, she collaborated with META Cultural Foundation for the first time for the fifth edition of the Biennale of the Young Artists, Overlapping Biennial, managing director Radu Pervolovici, and, recently she collaborated with META Cultural Foundation, as a project assistant, at the implementation of the following projects: A Century of Romanian Sculpture – online encyclopedia (A-Z), 2013-2014, International Theoretical Symposium – Bio-pass Art, 2014, International Residence of Audiovisual Creation, Slon, 1st edition/2015 and A Century of Romanian Architecture – online encyclopedia, 1890-1918, 1st edition/2015. Recently, she participated in the organization of a series of exhibitions dedicated to Romanian writers, organized in the National Museum of Romanian Literature and she attended the Specialized Course in the occupation of museum/art gallery curator, held by the National Institute of Cultural Research and Development.
Elena Grigore
She graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Romanian-English, in 2014. Elena Grigore started her collaboration with META Cultural Foundation, as a volunteer, in 2014, for the implementation of A Century of Romanian Sculpture - On-line Encyclopedia (N-Z), and later, in 2015, she collaborated for the implementation of the project A Century of Romanian Architecture.
Asistentă și traducătoare
Irina Cimpoeru
Mihaela Sofonea
Mihaela Sofonea is a graduate of the Faculty of Letters, Transylvania University, Brasov, Romanian-English and she earned her MA in British Cultural Studies at the University of Bucharest (2014). She currently works as a translator.
Programmer and graphic artist
Matei Ciobanu
Matei Ciobanu Morogan graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden, department of telecommunications (1999). In the following years, he continued his studies with a PhD, also at KTH, which he obtained in 2008, in the field of computer networks. He taught at the University of Stockholm and at KTH between 1998 and 2011. He currently resides in Bucharest, where he manages design and development projects in computer science.
Alexandru Mexi
Masters student at the Center of Excellency in the Study of Image and a graduate with a degree in landscaping architecture at the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine from Bucharest, Alexandru Mexi is a young man especially interested in the historical gardens of Romania; he carried out a series of research and restoration landscape projects of several historical gardens in Bucharest. He attended several conferences in the field and he published materials in scientific journals in Romania and abroad, and he is currently involved in projects which are part of research and restoration program of some important private gardens from the end of the 19th century and he beginning of the 20th century in Romania.
Artist vizual/Curator al expoziției enciclopediei
Romelo Pervolovici
Corina Taraș
Currently student at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Bucharest, European Studies departement, Cultural Studies program, and META Cultural Foundation collaborator in the project "A Century of Romanian Sculpture", under the guidance of Andreea Draghicescu. Before beginning studies at the Faculty of Letters, she worked as an actor at the "Maria Filotti" Theatre from Braila and ”Plai” Theatre from Bucharest. She conducted organizational activities of many cultural events such as the International Festival "George Enescu", 2015 edition, Explore Dance Festival 2013 and Fringe Festival Bucharest 2013. She performed an internship in 2015 in the Department of International Relations and European Affairs of Ministry of Culture and, in 2016, she will grant a scholarship Erasmus in the Université Bordeaux Montaigne, France.
Colaborator stagiar
Cristina Dobrin
Colaborator stagiar
Andreea Leța
Colaborator stagiar
Andreea Vasilescu
Adrian Drăgoi

Panel members / authors of the content of the project A Century of Romanian Architecture

Prof. univ. dr. arh.
Ana-Maria Zahariade
Associate Professor, PhD., arch.
Mihaela Criticos
Mihaela Criticos obtained her architect diploma in 1981 and her PhD in 2004, and she is currently holding the associate professor position in the Department of History and Theory of Architecture and Heritage Preservation within the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism, which she has been managing since 2011. She started her didactic activity in 1994 and she is a tenured professor of Theory of Architecture courses, supervisor of restoration projects, diploma and dissertation tutor, member in PhD, diploma and dissertation committees. She is a certified expert in the domain of protecting historical monuments and she conducted scientific and research activities in the field of architecture history and theory, coordinating various research projects in this domain. She conducted various research studies for collective or individual contracts, grants or cultural projects focused on topics such as architectural modernity, the Romanian architectural heritage of the 19th-20th centuries, the urban-architectural issue of Bucharest, the ornamental matter and its modern interpretations. In 2005, she published the work The Ornament – Themes and Variations, and in 2009, Art Deco or the Well Tempered Modernism. Furthermore, she has contributions in collective volumes published in the country or abroad.
Prof. univ. dr. arh.
Mircea Ochinciuc
Lect. univ. dr. arh.
Arpad Zachi
Associate Professor, PhD, Architect
Dragoș Ciolacu
Emil Dragos Ciolacu-Miron is an associate professor at the "G.M. Cantacuzino" Faculty of Architecture.  Since 1999, he has conducted various architecture and urbanism projects, as well as restoration and architectural conservation projects. Furthermore, he participated in competitions in the domain, obtaining awards and endorsements for the submitted projects. He is currently working as the editor of Repere magazine.
Lecturer, PhD, Arch.
Mariana Croitoru
Graduate of the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism (1985) and PhD, after presenting her thesis in 2012 at UAUIM, Mariana Croitoru has been an UAR member (since 1985), an OAR member (since 2001) and she has been a university professor since 2006. During 1987-2006, she was employed as a collaborator or project manager at the "Carpati Proiect" Institute in Bucharest, where she took part in the development of several complex works (The Palace of Parliament, The Academy’s House, The National Library etc.).
She participated in UAR cultural projects (2012) – Dictionary of Modern Romanian Architecture (19th, 20th, 21st Centuries). Litters A-C, being mentioned at the letter C, and of OAR (2013) - 5 Cultural Routes of Bucharest Architecture, with two guided tours and the author leaflet Bucharest Urban Trail. Architect Duiliu Marcu.
Furthermore, she is the author of the photography exhibition "A Century of Bucharest Architecture" (1850-1950), during the "BUCUREȘTI 550" events (2009) and of the permanent exhibition "Architect Duiliu Marcu", in the Museum of Art in Calafat (the architect’s place of birth), Dolj County, inaugurated on the occasion of "Zilele orasului Calafat" events. (May 2015).
Elena Georgiana Ivan
Art historian
Oana Marinache
Graduate of the Faculty of Art Theory and History of the National University of Art in Bucharest, Oana Marinache obtained, in the same institution, her PhD in 2015. She actively involved herself in various cultural and educational projects and she published several studies on the history of art, journals and memoirs. In 2014, she obtained the 1st prize in the National Archives Contest, after she had won the second and third places in the previous years. Currently, she is a researcher and author of monographic works and she is the president of the History of Art Association. The numerous projects carried out in the last years represent the basis of an impressive number of publications: Pe urmele arh. Cristofi Cerchez prin Bucuresti, Asociația Istoria Artei, Bucuresti, 2012; Traseu urban arh. Cristofi Cerchez, Asociația Istoria Artei, Bucuresti, 2012; Traseu urban arh. Nicolae Ghika-Budesti, Editura Istoria Artei, Bucuresti, 2013; Resedintele Stirbey din Bucuresti si Buftea: arhitectura si decorația interioara, Editura ACS, Bucuresti, 2013; Jurnalul printesei Nadeja Stirbey 1916-1919, Editura Istoria Artei, Bucuresti, 2014; Traseu urban arh. Edmond Van Saanen-Algi, Editura Istoria Artei, Bucuresti, 2014; Ioana Beldiman, Nadia Ioan Ficiu, Oana Marinache, De la Școala de Belle-Arte la Academia de Arte Frumoase. Artisti la Bucuresti 1864-1948, UNARTE si MNAR, Bucuresti, 2014; Traseu urban arh. Louis Blanc, Editura Istoria Artei, Bucuresti, 2014; Traseu urban arh. Paul Gottereau, Editura Istoria Artei, Bucuresti, 2015; Traseu urban arh. Albert Galeron, Editura Istoria Artei, Bucuresti, 2015; Arhiva de arhitectura 1830-1860, Editura Istoria Artei, Bucuresti, 2015 (co-editor Cristian Gache); Asezamintele Brancovenesti: 1835-2015, Editura Istoria Artei, 2015; Bucurestiul multicultural: 10 trasee urbane de arhitectura, 2 vol., Editura Istoria Artei, 2015; Carol Benisch, 50 de ani de arhitectura, Editura Istoria Artei, 2015; Ernest Doneaud, visul liniei, Editura Istoria Artei (pending publication 2015), Patrimoniul imobiliar Chrissoveloni de-al lungul veacurilor (pending publication 2016).
Univ. Assistant, PhD student, arch.
Florentina Matache
She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" (2011). She is currently a collaborator assistant professor in the field of history of architecture and a PhD student at the same university on the topic of the French influence on architecture in Romania during the second half of the 19th century. She received a PhD research scholarship from the Romanian Academy, part of the "Romanian Culture and European Cultural Patterns: Research, Synchronization, Durability" project. In 2008-2009 and 2015 she carried out study internships at École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Paris-La Villette and at École Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France. Over time she attended various workshops and participated in projects regarding history of architecture and architectural heritage. In 2012 she became member of the Arché Association, and she was either manager or collaborator in many of the projects of the association. Forgotten Monuments is the most representative of the projects, being known for implementing a free online platform with images and information regarding extra urban nobility ensembles on Romania's current territory and promoting  the respective historical monuments to the general public.
Lect. univ. dr. arh.
Andreea Milea
Univ. Lect. PhD. Arch.
Gabriela Petrescu
The architect Gabriela Petrescu is a graduate of the Institute of Architecture "Ion Mincu" (1979). In 2014 she received her PhD in architecture with her thesis The Socolescu Architects, 1840-1940, Monographic Study, under the guidance of PhD. Prof. arch. Anca Bratuleanu. Besides her university teaching activities as lector, held for several years within the Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture Spiru Haret, she is also a member of OAR and UAR, activating in her own architectural office, where she develops architectural, interior, urbanism projects. In 2011 she was a member of the team of scientists from the Faculty of Architecture Spiru Haret which developed the research paper called The Creation of a Modern Multimedia System for the Inventory and Computerization Regarding the Cultural Heritage of the Jewish Community in Romania, in the European Context of Multi-Ethnicity and Heritage Diversity. In 2012 she cooperated with the My Beloved Bucharest Association for the implementation of the cultural project Dictionary of Romanian Modern Architecture, 19th, 20th, 21st Centuries, Letters A-C, and in 2014, as co-author, to the continuation of the cultural project Dictionary of Romanian Modern Architecture, 19th, 20th, 21st Centuries, Letters D-H). In recent years she attended various seminars and conferences, publishing materials in various magazines and in the USH Annals of Architecture.
Asis. univ. dr. arh.
Dragoș Popescu
Univ. Assistant, PhD student, arch.
Miruna Stroe
Miruna Paula Stroe is a lecturer in the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning, Department of History & Theory of Architecture and Heritage Conservation. She is also a funding partner in MoodFactory design office. In 2012 she defended the thesis Dwelling between Project and Political Decision. Romania 1954-1966. She is interested in the recent history of architecture, especially during communism and also in matters of urban memory.
Univ. Lect. PhD. Arch.
Sidonia Teodorescu
Sidonia Teodorescu is an architect, diplomat of the of the University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu",  Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest (1993), C.I.E.S. scholar of the French state at the University of Architecture "La Villette", Paris (1992), diplomat of the French-Romanian MA "Integrated Urban Development" at UAUIM (2007) and PhD in architecture at la UAUIM (2013), with her thesis "Architect Ion D. Berindey, Monographic Study" (scientific coordinator PhD. Prof. Arch.  Nicolae Lascu). Sidonia Teodorescu is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture of "Spiru Haret" University, architect at her own architectural office and writer at Bucurestiul meu drag magazine, and also a member of the Order of Architects in Romania, of the Union of Architects in Romania and a full member of the Romanian Committee of History and Philosophy of Science and Technique of the Romanian Academy. Sidonia Teodorescu published numerous books, including: Mari arhitecti bucuresteni: Ion D. Berindey, Editura Vremea, Bucuresti, 2014; Dictionar al arhitecturii romanești moderne (sec. XIX, XX, XXI) (literele A-C şi D-H) (co-author) – cultural project developed by the Union of Architects in Romania (, and also materials regarding architecture and the history of architecture in specialized magazines. She also attends summer schools, symposiums, scientific events, and she organizes practices and exhibitions of the students of the Faculty of Architecture of "Spiru Haret" University, conferences organized by the Bucharest City Museum and the National Archives.
Andrei Răzvan Voinea
Andrei Razvan Voinea is a graduate of the Faculty of History (2008) and the British Cultural Studies MA (2010, the Faculty of Foreign Languages), currently PhD student of the University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" , Bucharest, Department of History and Architecture Theory. His PhD thesis, coordinated by PhD Professor arch. Ana-Maria Zahariade, analyzes the subdivisions of standard homes in Bucharest made between 1906 and 1952. He is also the editorial general secretary of "Arhitext" magazine (2014-2015), writer at website (2012-2015) and collaborator at "Magazin Istoric", "Arhitectura" and "Urbanismul" magazines.
Colaborator stagiar
Ana-Maria Bârsan
Colaborator stagiar
Andra Lăsculescu
Colaborator stagiar
Alexandra Roșu
Colaborator stagiar
Luiza Ivanof