About the Encyclopedia

A Century of Romanian Architecture is a free, bilingual encyclopedia of Romanian architects and architecture created on Romanian territory between 1890 and 2018.

With a specific and well documented content, the encyclopaedia and the exhibition aim at achieving an extended vision of Romanian architecture of the last 100 years in four separate stages (2015 – 1890-1918, 2016 – 1918-1947, 2017 – 1947-1989, 2018 – 1989-2018), in the proposed format – online and bilingual/exhibition, which will contain data of a both historical and critic content, ample information of the 20th century history but also more recent information regarding the architectural activity of the ones selected, already famous names and new ones, belonging to the younger architects, as well.   The online edition is the first bilingual encyclopaedia with free access that has been dedicated to the architects in Romania and it currently gathers the files of more than 60 architects that worked during the 1890-1918 timeframe.

The encyclopaedia will not represent a mere tool designed as a database, useful to all the students, the architect-professors and the architects, the architecture theoreticians, the cultural operators, the editors, the professors, the managers of museums or cultural centres, but it will also feature a critical apparatus, META Cultural Foundation currently collaborating with a team of architect-professors including: Ana-Maria Zahariade, Mihaela Criticos, Mircea Ochinciuc, Arpad Zachi, Dragoș Ciolacu, Mariana Croitoru, Oana Marinache, Florentina Matache, Gabriela Petrescu, Miruna Stroe, Sidonia Teodorescu, Răzvan Voinea, a team that it intends to expand for the following stages.

The critical apparatus is a defining quality of the encyclopedia, making it more than just an information repository. Each entry follows a predefined structure, and the data it contains is selected based on the importance of events, the activity of each architect, the importance of this activity in organizing built space on Romanian territory and on the value of the architectural heritage. The following criteria are evaluated when selecting data for each entry:
1. Initiator / creator of movements and schools, originality and innovation;
2. Importance for movement / program;
3. Uniqueness / representativeness;
4. Recognition – competitions;
5. Participation in international events.
The project has two components:
- research;
- implementation of online database.
For the research component, the critical panel, composed of experts in the area (architects, professors and researchers, art historians, students and post-grads in the corresponding areas) has collected precise and detailed information about each selected architect.

A Century of Romanian Architecture will remain an open project, as a work in progress platform which can be permanently updated even by any virtual visitor that wishes to make changes, corrections or additions to the already existing files on the site. They will be able to complete the files accessing the "Contribute" menu, available for every single page and, after the information is verified by the members of our team, the data will be introduced in the encyclopaedia.