(Paris, June 1st 1846 - 1901)
    Academic/specialized studies:
    1867 - He enrolled in the School of Fine Arts, Architecture Department, in the class of the arch. Vaudoyer and Coquart but he obtained his diploma only in 1887-1888. Meanwhile he was part of the mobile guard in the French-Prussian war but he also participated in countless architecture contests and Parisian artistic salons (1881, 1883), winning various prizes; we ought to mention of these the 5th place in the Sorbonne University’s reconstruction contest.

    Professional activity (affiliations, administrative positions, commitees):
    Chief architect of the Romanian Railways
    Chief architect of the Assistance publique de Roumanie
    Architect of the French Embassy in Madrid
    Member of the „Societé des architectes diplomés par le gouvernement” in France.


    Finished projects

    Architecture projects:
    1883, 1892 - The Romanian Athenaeum, projects; realized between 1887-1894, str. Benjamin Franklin nr. 1-3 (in collaboration with arch. Constantin Baicoianu, extension arch. Leonida Negrescu), Bucharest, Romania;
    1883 - 1886 - Lenș (later Vernescu) House, Bucharest, Romania - modifications (initial project by arch. J. Freywald)
    1883-1889 - The National Bank of Romania, with the arch. Joseph-Marie Cassien Bernard, Constantin Baicoianu, eng. Nicu Cerkez, Bucharest, Romania;
    1885-1886 - N.B.R. (B.N.R.) branch, Galati, Romania;
    1887-1894 The National Opera House in Bucharest, Romania
    1889 - Bulevard Hotel (Jacques Herdan), roof construction in the courtyard, Bucharest, Romania;
    1889 - Dr. Steiner building, Bucharest, Romania;
    1890 - Dimitrie Ghika-Comanesti Mansion, Comanesti, Bacau County, Romania;
    1890 - "Iancu Plesia" House, Craiova, Romania;
    1890 - Maria and Zoe Slatineanu (Lens) Asylum, Bucharest, Romania;
    1891-1892 - The Justice Palace in Craiova, work engineer, additional estimates; projected by the arch. Ion N. Socolescu, today the University of Craiova, Romania;
    1891 - Joseph Fermo house, Romania;
    1891 - A. Gaillac house, Romania;
    1891 - Zoe Slatineanu house, terrace expansion, Bucharest, Romania;
    1892 - C. Valimarescu house, Craiova, Romania;
    1892 - The eng. C. Monckton’s house, expansion, greenhouse, Bucharest, Romania;
    1893 - C. Monckton House, Bucharest, Romania - facade repairs
    1893 - The bathrooms’ pavilion, The "Grigore Alexandrescu" Children’s Hospital, reoairs, annexes, Bucharest, Romania;
    1893-1895 - Dr. N. N. Turnescu House, Bucharest, Romania;
    1897-1901 - Clinchy Hyppodrome in Paris, France (along with arch. Duray and arch. Cambon)
    1900 - „Societé Générale” Pavillion - The Universal Exposition in Paris, France
    1900 - „Maison Kammerzell” restaurant - The Universal Exposition in Paris, France
    1900 - Project for a Celestial Sphere for the Universal Exposition in Paris, France
    1908 - „The French Society for Charity and Education” College, Madrid, Spain
    1909 - The French Institute, Madrid, Spain
    1910-1912 - Different private houses in Madrid, Spain
    ? - Geblescu Hotel, Craiova, Romania;
    ? - The Salamandra Villa of Zoe Slatineanu Lens, Sinaia, Romania.
    ? - C. Exarcu House, Bucharest, Romania
    ? - Projects for Credit Lyonaise in Paris
    ? - Hotels for a French society in Madrid, Spain
    Demolished buildings:
    1884 - Eliza Filipescu house, Calea Victoriei corner of str. Verde, projected with eng. A. Gottereau and arch. P. Gottereau, Bucharest, Romania;
    1885 - Building, str. Regala, with eng. N. Cutarida, Bucharest, Romania;
    1886 - Parade stands in front of the Academy, Bucharest, Romania
    1889 - Iacob Negruzzi house, str. Romana nr. 25, Bucharest, Romania;
    1889 - C. Costescu-Comaneanu house, str. C. A. Rosetti corner of Magheru Bld., Bucharest, Romania;
    1893 - Zoe Slatineanu house, str. Catunului nr. 1 - Calea Dorobanti nr. 61, Bucharest, Romania.
    1927-1929 - The tombstone of the Linche Family, lot 21-11, Bellu Cemetery (realized by the arch. Edmond Van Saanen-Algi).
    Unfinished projects:
    The project of a casino in Sinaia, not created.
    Titles and awards:
    1889 - The bronze medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, France;
    1900 - He participated in the Universal Exhibition with various works: The Celestial Sphere (Cosmorama), Alsatian House/Kammerzell Restaurant, The General Society’s pavilion. On this occasion, he realized the Hippodrome on Clichy Boulevard, with the architects Cambon and Duray. In France he conducted various works for Credit Lyonnais in Paris.
    1901-1902 - He drew sketches for a National Geography Institute, at the initiative of the Scottish urban planner and sociologist Sir Patrick Geddes.
    1913 (October) – He received the Legion of Honor, being ranked as knight for the services performed for the French Embassy in Madrid, by building the Institute and the French High-School; he continued with different projects and tourist hotels constructions for a French company, various dwellings, charities.

    Competitions and exhibitions
    1874 and 1876 - Grand Prix de Rome competition finalist, École des Beaux-Arts 
    1881 - Honorable mention at the Paris Exhibition, France
    1882 - Competition for the reconstruction of the Sorbone University in Paris, France (along with Vaudoyer) - 5th prize
    1883 - Participant at the Beaux-Arts National Exhibition, Watercolour section - project for the National Bank of Romania
    1883 - Participant at the Triennial Exhbition in Paris, France
    1889 - Participant (representing Romania) at the Universal Exposition in Paris - bronze medal
    ? - Lapene competition - laureate


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