Mihai Caputineanu was trained as an architect and an engineer. Even though he did not create works of a great significance, Caputineanu was noticed through his participation in the endorsement technical committees for the most important public edifices erected at the end of the nineteenth century in Bucharest. In 1863, he endorsed, together with the architects Al. Costinescu, Tillay, G. Burelli, D. Berindei, Iacob Melic the project of Alexandru Orascu for the University of Bucharest. In 1881, Caputineanu together with the architect A. Lecomte and the engineer C. Olanesu, endorsed the project of the architects Cassien Bernarda and Albert Galleron for the Palace of the National Bank, and in 1890 he was part of the endorsement committee of the Palace of Justice project.
     In 1891, together with Ion Mincu, Ion N. Socolescu, Toma N. Socolescu, Alexandru Orascu, Carol Benis, Gh. Duca etc., Mihai Caputineanu signed the Protocol establishing the Romanian Architects Society.
Mihai Caputineanu had a remarkable didactic activity as a professor in the School of Bridges and Roads, Mines and Architecture in Bucharest. (Gabriela Petrescu, 2015)


Academic/specialized studies:
? - 1857 - Ecole des Beaux-Arts, second grade studies, architect Douillard’s workshop.
Didactic activity:
1864-1901 - He is appointed through a Royal Decree professor at the School of Bridges and Roads, Mines and Architecture, teaching the descriptive geography, stereotomy and architecture course.

Professional activity (affiliations, administrative positions, committees):
1863-1868 - Architect of Bucharest;
1863 - Member in the Technical Committee of verifying the University of Bucharest project, designed by   Alexandru Orascu (the committee consisted of the architects Costinescu, Tillay, Burelli, Berindei, Melic, Tabay and Caputineanu);
1876 - Architect member of the Society of Architects and Engineers;
? - Member of the Technical Council of the Ministry of Internal Affair;
1877-1878 - Interim manager of the School of Bridges and Roads;
1881 - Founding member of the Romanian Polytechnic Society together with Alexandru Orascu and Grigore Cerkez;
1881 - General manager of the Ministry of Public Works;
1882 - Member of the Endorsement Committee for the pre-project of the National Bank Palace designed by the architects Cassien Bernard and Albert Galleron;
1890 - Member of the Advisory Technical Committee for the approval of the Palace of Justice project together with arch. Nicolae Cerkez and eng. S. Varnav;
1891 - Founding member of the Romanian Architects Society.

Other relevant information:
Mihai Caputineanu worked both as an architect and an engineer.
He was the nephew of Elena Dalles and he was appointed by her a testamentary legatee of her wealth after her passing.


Finished projects
Architecture projects:
1874 - "I. C. Dalles" houses on Str. Coltei, Bucharest.
Restoration projects:
1877 - Major repairs of the "Istrate Negulescu" house in Ploiesti for welcoming the Russian Tsar Alexander II;
1890 - Restoration of the personal house on Str. Coltei, Bucharest.


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