Gustav Freywald worked in Moldavia at the beginning of the nineteenth century, later settling in Wallachia. A few of his edifices, realized in a classical inspired architecture specific to the architecture of the epoch, became emblematic for Iasi. (Gabriela Petrescu, 2015)



     (the first half of the 19th century, Austrian origin, data about his birth and death are unknown; he settled in Iasi after 1830)
    Academic/specialized studies:
    ? - Architecture and engineering studies in the German area, probably in Vienna.
    Didactic activity:
    1830 - Calligraphy, drawing and topographic plans teacher in the Iasi schools;
    1835 - Professor of drawing, architecture and geometry at the Mihailean Academy in Iasi.
    Professional activity (affiliations, administrative positions, committees):
    1836 - Gustav Freywald is on record as an architect of the Metropolitan in Iasi;
    1840 - Gustav Freywald is mentioned in the archives as an architect of Braila town, attending its urban restructuring.
    1842 - For a period of time, he had worked in Wallachia as architect of the Engineering Section of the Internal Affairs Department, very limited data existing on this activity.

    Other relevant information:
    No family connections with Johann Freywald and Julius Freywald are known, being often mistaken for someone else.


    Finished projects
    Architecture projects:
    1832-1834 - The Treasurer Roset-Roznovanu’s house, Iasi (refurbished as a royal residence by the French architect Paul Gottreau (1894), finished by the architect George Mandrea (1895); currently being the Iasi City Hall);
    1833-1837 - The Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi (together with the architect Bucher; since 1839, it had been continued by the Russian architect Nicolai Singurov, a professional brought by the ruler Mihai Sturdza in Moldavia. Resuming construction had arch. Alexandru Orascu as a site manager.
    Restoration projects:
    1837 - He participated in the accomplishment of some interventions on the Frumoasa Monastery near Iasi;
    In the half of the 19th century - He worked in Johann Schlatter’s team, participating in the reconstruction of the Dealu Monastery ensemble near Targoviste.


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