(Bucharest, April 20, 1891 - Bucharest, January 10, 1976)
    Academic/specialized studies
    1909-1914 - He graduated the National School of Bridges and Roads, studying together with Liviu Ciulley, Ion Paciurea, Ramiro Zamfirescu, Ion M. Constandache, Constantin Pomponiu, Nicolae Odobescu, etc. In the same period, he did his military service and in 1913, he took part, as an engineer officer, in the war campaign in Bulgaria.


    Professional Activity (affiliations, administrative positions, committees)
    1913 - Engineer officer, he took part in the war campaign in Bulgaria.
    1914 - Assistant engineer in the Technical Corps, Department of Studies and Construction, then secretary of the Superior Technical Council in the ministry whose president was Anghel Saligny, who approved public works.
    1918 - Head of division in the reconstruction of bridges destroyed by war, Directorate General of Bridges and Roads.
    ? - He taught the course of hydraulic machines at the School of Bridges and Roads in Iași.
    1919 - Assistant professor at the department of mechanics and strength of materials and substitute teacher in the surveying and roads department of the National School of Bridges and Roads in Bucharest, which became, in 1920, the Polytechnic School of Bucharest.
    1921-1937 - Planning and civil engineer in charge of the works of the industrial society Transylvanian Loans and the General Technical Enterprises.
    1928 - He was the head of the department of civil engineering and foundations at the Polytechnic School in Bucharest.
    1933 - Civil engineer at Antepriza, Liviu Ciulley, which later became the National Constructions Company - S.A.R. Bucharest.
    1948 - Professor of fluid mechanics and the strength of materials at the Institute of Civil Engineering in Bucharest.
    1950-1953 - He taught Statics at the Faculty of Railway Construction.
    1955 - Corresponding member of the Romanian Academy and, since 1962, full member.
    Architectural projects
    1915-1916 - Construction of reinforced concrete bridges on Bistriţa river, at Roznov, Costiştea and over Amaradia river, at Işalniţa;
    1921-1937 - Together with engineer Tiberiu Eremia worked on the following buildings:
    - The Chamber of Commerce in Galaţi;
    - Royal Palace Hotel;
    - Reunification Cathedral in Alba Iulia;
    - Dormitory for medical students, on Splaiul Independenţei, Bucharest;
    -  Romanian Youth Society, Schitul Măgureanu Blvd, Bucharest;
    - Beer silos, Calea Rahovei, Bucharest;
    - Cement factory in Fieni, Dâmboviţa County;
    1936 - The large hangars at Băneasa airport;
    1937 - Bus depots on Panduri road;
    1940 - The newbuilding of the Palace of the National Bank of Romania, in Doamnei Street. The project was done under the supervision of architect Radu Dudescu and his collaborator, architect Ioan A. Davidescu. During this project, Aurel A Beleș was chief advisor;
    ? - Treasury of the National Bank of Romania on Sinaia-Moroieni road (civil engineer);
    ? - Building on Magheru Blvd. (currently Nottara Theatre) (civil engineer)
    1948 - The reinforced concrete chimneys, steel works in Hunedoara, rolling mill foundations in Roman, cooling towers and reservoirs at hydroelectric and/or thermal power stations in Doiceşti, Sân-Georgiu de Pădure, Ovidiu, Comăneşti, Metallurgical Plant in Galaţi, Porţile de Fier hydropower complex (advisor and expert engineer).
    Editorial activity
    1915 - The study „Flambajul într-un mediu elastic omogen”, in: Buletinul Societăţii Politehnice.
    1915 -Studiu privind ecuația diferențială a axei neutre și a fibrei medii la o bară supusă la încovoiere și la compresiune”, in:  Genie civil magazine.
    1941 - „Cutremurul şi construcţiile”.
    1962 - „Seismologia românească”, together with Mihai Ifrim.
    ? - Paraboloidul eliptic şi hiperbolic în construcţii, Calculul plăcilor curbe subţiri - two of his books were co-written with other authors).
    Awards and distinctions
    ? - ’’Scientific Merit, class I”;
    ? - The title of ’’Scientist Emeritus”;
    1955 - The title of corresponding member of the Romanian Academy;
    1963 - Full member of the Romanian Academy.


    Primary sources

    NOICA, Nicolae Şt., Banca Națională a României și personalități din istoria construcțiilor, with a preface by de acad. Mugur Isărescu, Bucharest: Editura Mașina de Scris, 2006.
    Secondary sources