Architect with a functionalist orientation.



    (Buftea, February 10, 1904 – Bucharest, May 3, 1975)
    Academic/specialized studies
    1929 - Superior School of Architecture in Bucharest.


    Public Activity (affiliations, administrative positions, committees)
    1949-1953 - Lecturer at the Institute of Transport, Bucharest.
    Architectural projects
    1937-1946 - C.F.R. Administrative Palace, Bucharest (currently the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, Dinicu Golescu Blvd.), in collaboration with Duiliu Marcu, who handled the interior details.
    Awards and distinctions
    1934-1937 - He took part in the third national competition organized by CFR, the first dating since 1890, with the purpose of designing a new administrative building, in the southern part of the Northern Railway Station. The team that won the project included Duiliu Marcu, Ştefan Călugăreanu, Paul Emil Miclescu and Theonic Săvulescu.


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