Romanian arhitect who designed several international style housing projects, and a well-known restorer after 1950. He wrote articles about Le Corbusier, published in the newspapers of the time, worked in the Ministry of Agriculture together with Florea Stănculescu, in the 1930s, and designed, for the House of Constructions, the blocks of flats for workers on Maior Coravu Street, in Vatra Luminoasă parcelling. According to film director Liviu Ciulei, Udroiu also collaborated with Radu Dudescu, at the National Bank, and after the change of political regime in 1945 he worked mainly in the field of historical monument restoration, together with Ștefan Balș. Radu Udroiu’s best known projects include the house designed for engineer Ciulei, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences (under Florea Stănculescu’s coordination), as well as the restoration of Domnești House in Potlogi.
(Andrei Răzvan Voinea, 2017)



    (Targu Jiu, December 24 1900 - Bucharest, July 23 1976)
    He lived at 1 T. Ionescu Street (1933), and then at 1 M. Antonescu Street (1936).
    Academic/specialized studies
    1926 - He graduated the School of Architecture in Bucharest;
    1933 - He received his professional certification.
    People mentioning Udroiu’s influence or guidance include:
    - film director Liviu Ciulei (Udroiu designed the house of engineer Ciulei and was good friends with the latter’s family); - Eugenia Greceanu (she started working in restoration in 1954, within the department of Historical Monuments of  ICSOR - ISCAS, under Radu Udroiu’s guidance);
    - Dan Corneliu (restoration architect).
    Public/professional activity (affiliations, administrative positions, committees)
    - Architect, ordinary degree, 1st class, Ministry of Agriculture and State Property;
    - He was a member of architect Radu Dudescu’s team, at the National Bank;
    - Directorate for Historical Monuments, together with Ștefan Lupu Balș (after 1950).


    Architectural projects
    ? - Ciulei house, 14 Tudor Arghezi Street, Bucharest;
    ? - Ciulei house, Sinaia;
    ? - Academy of Agricultural Sciences (in collaboration with Florea Stănculescu);
    1933 - Student hostel, Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Bucharest;
    1933 - A. Gusti villa, Delavrancea Park, lane C, corner D, ground floor, main floor, basement, Bucharest;
    1933 - George Tintă villa, 7 Av. Muntenescu (now Alexandru Constantinescu Street, in Domenii parcelling), basement, ground floor, main floor, attic, 173 sq. m., Bucharest;
    1933 - I. Dumitrescu villa (demolished), 2 T. Ionescu Street, ground floor, main floor, 250 sq. m., Bucharest;
    1933 - Radu Udroiu villa, 1 Thoma Ionescu Street, ground floor, main floor, 130 sq. m., Bucharest;
    1933 - Virgil Lăzărescu villa, 76 V. Gherghel Street, ground floor, 100 sq. m., Bucharest;
    1933 - Gh. Gavriliu villa (radical remodelling), 59 Ferdinand Park, 70 sq. m., Bucharest;
    1946 - The blocks of flats for workers on Maior Coravu Street, Bucharest. They were commissioned in 1949 by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and inaugurated in 1949. These blocks of flats were delivered especially to the workers at 23 August and Republica Factories. Lothar Rădăceanu, minister of labour, Liuba Chișinevschi, president of C.G.M., comrade N. Voiculescu, president of the the Provisional Committee of the Capital took part in the inauguration. Vatra Luminoasă parcelling plan was altered in May 1946, ’’so that it would be possible to build collective blocks of flats instead of individual housing on the parcelling facing Maior Coravu Blvd.” The document was signed by the head of city planning project, Fonescu.
    Restoration projects
    1925 - Floor plans for ’’Sf. Ioan Botezătorul” church, Bumbeşti-Jiu, Curțișoara, Gorj county;
    1954 - 1959 - Princely court in Potlogi, Dâmbovița county;
    1958 - 1959 - Știrbei Palace, Bucharest; Udroiu’s work was based on the plans drawn by Arch. Paul Emil Miclescu.
    Award and distinctions
    1946 - 1st prize for the design plan of the blocks of flats for workers in Vatra Luminoasă parcelling, together with Arch. N. Lupu.
    Editorial Activity
    1928 - „Le Corbusier - Vers une Architecture”, in Căminul magazine, no. 1/1928, p. 27-28.


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