Romanian architect, with a functionalist orientation, one of the first female architects in Romania (she got her degree in 1922, and in 1924 became a member of S.A.R.). She is known for her contribution to the architecture promoted by the Romanian railway company (CFR) in that period, as she designed numerous railway stations, working-class neighbourhoods and workshops, in Bucharest and in the rest of the country. She had an extensive editorial activity, publishing in magazines such as Arhitectura, Simetria, Buletinul Societății Politehnice, Tehnica.
(Andrei Răzvan Voinea, 2016)


(November 15, 1896, Focșani - 1980)
Professional activity: affiliations, administrative positions, committees
since 1927 - Architect for C.F.R. Labour House
Other relevant information
She was Al. Cottescu’s niece, who was the director of C.F.R. (the daughter of his brother, Dumitru).
She worked with Alexandru Tănăsescu, Constantin Pomponiu and Paul Smărăndescu.
She lived on 12 Lascăr Catargiu Street.


Urban planning and landscaping projects
? -  Steaua parcelling, in collaboration with Constantin Pomponiu;
? - Viilor parcelling, in collaboration with Constantin Pomponiu;
? - CFR district, Simeria;
1950 - *The systematization plan of Bucharest (co-author);
? - *Systematization and development of railway stations in Ploiești, Buzău, Constanța.

Architectural projects
? - C.F.R. Grivița workshops on Calea Griviței;
? - *C.F.R. hospital, 1 Witing street;
? - *Railway stations ensemble - Breaza, Poiana Țapului and Eforie;
? - *Gara de Nord wing and C.F.R. Administrative Palace;
? - C.F.R. power plant on Calea Griviței;
? - * Institute for Chemical Research, Iași (co-author);
? - Hotel Cota 1400, Sinaia (in collaboration with Ilie Teodorescu);
1950 - Student hostel in Câmpulung Moldovenesc.

Editorial activity
„Arhitectura ca temă a gândirii” in Simetria magazine, no. 2/1940, pp. 17-18;
„Detaliul”, in: Revista „Simetria”, no. 2 /1940, pp. 63-64.


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