Romanian architect, with a functionalist orientation. She designed houses for C.F.R., immediately after the 2nd World War, contributing to the amelioration the housing crisis in Bucharest. Her first project, the blocks ensemble between Mihalache Blvd. and Calea Griviței, is still representative for Bucharest’s architecture. She designed the railway stations in Sinaia and Predeal, as well as buildings for Târgu Mureș airport. (Andrei Răzvan Voinea, 2016)


(born in April 8, 1912, Brăila - ?)
Academic/specialized studies
1939 - She graduated the Faculty of Architecture, Bucharest.
Professional activity: affiliations, administrative positions, committees
? - C.F.R. Labour House


Urban planning and landscaping projects
1948-1950 - Blocks of flats for workers, Steaua district;
1948-1950 - Blocks of flats for workers, Bucharest;
1958-1960 - Systematization of Calea Griviței, Bucharest, in collaboration with arch. Virgil Nițulescu, Cleopatra Alifanti, Mircea Bercovici and others.
Architectural projects
1938 - Reception pavilion, Sinaia station;
1939 - old station in Predeal;
1949 - 1950 - Giurgiu passenger station, border;
1951 - Hostel for children, Eforie Sud;
1951 - Blocks of flats for workers, Roșiori de Vede;
1952 - Workers canteens, Pitești;
1952 - Passenger stations, Săliște and Turnișor;
1952 - Airport building Târgu Mureș.


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Secondary sources:
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