Architect of the Neo-Romanian style, he worked for the most part of his career as an architect for Bucharest City Hall, He was friends with architect Cristofi Cerchez. (Oana Marinache, 2016)


(Bucharest, November 4, 1869 - 1936)
Academic/specialized studies
? - He studied at the Polytechnic in Milano, where he met the future architect Cristofi Cerchez.
Professional activity: affiliations, administrative positions, committees
Pre-war period - he worked in the Department for Buildings and Furniture and Service for Architecture and Construction Control, Directorate of Public Works, Bucharest City Hall;
1930 - He moved from the Directorate-General of State Under-Secretary for recovery and supply to the Directorate for Works, architect Class II.
Other relevant information
The architect was a descendant of a family with possible Nordic roots, Gräw, whose representative, pharmacist Johann, arrived in Bucharest around 1810; in 1813, we can already find him at Filantropia Hospital. He married Johanna (about 1815), and they had a son, Gustav (1834/1835-1873). In 1841, Johann/Ion I was naturalized. Gustav married Louise Hess (1840-1907), and they had the future architect, Ion/Ioan II, and at least a daughter, Olga. The architect was married to Malli Goldenberg and they had a son, Gustav/Alexandru (1907-1975).
He owned several properties on Plantelor Street.
In 1933, his address was 53 Mărășești Blvd.
In 1935, he lived at 57A Elisabeta Blvd.
On the list of historical monuments (B-IV-m-B-20086), we find Grefu funerary monument in the Evangelical Cemetery at 4 Șoseaua Giurgiului, sector 4. G. Bezviconi assigns the medallions on Grefu monument to Carol Storck.



Architectural Projects
1899 and 1910 - I. Grefu house, 32 Plantelor Street;
1912 - Ion Spirea Condojani house, 282 Calea Griviței;
? - Arcului Street, at the corner of Armenească, Arcului Street, Oțetari Street, at the corner of Batiștei Street, Dumitrescu property at 17 Plantelor Street, 4 Popa Nan Street;
1931 - Velniță property, 78 Toamnei Street;
1930-1931 - Dr. I. Urlățeanu property, 10 C. A. Rosetti Street, Boteanu  Street;
1933 - D. Tomasian property, 190 Calea Dorobanți, 28 Pinard;
1933 - Radical repairs on Ștefan Banciu property, 13 Splaiul Unirii;
1933 - Mihai Tunsoiu property, 5 Orfeu Street;
1933 - I. and V. Dumitrescu property, 8 Av. N. Drossu Street;
1933 - M. Ștefanian property, Calea Dorobanți, lot 66;
1933 - N. Marian property, 9 Al. Lahovari Street;
1933 - Ort. Paropol property, 31 Av. Muntenescu Street;
1933 - C. Popescu property, 41 S. Aldea Street;
1933 - I. Beliceanu property, 3 Vaselor 3;
1933 - Proprietatea I. V. Ștefănescu property, 114 Uranus Street;
1935 - Proprietatea Alice Donescu property, Dimineței Street;
1935 - V. Ulvineanu property, 60 Enăchiță Văcărescu Street;
1935 - Eng. P. Capriel property, 132 Răzoarelor Street;
1935 - Properties for Mantea family, El. Dumitrescu and A. Eremie, S. A. R. A. L. parcelling, lot no. 7, Șoseaua Kiseleff.


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