Harry Goldstein, of Jewish descent, was born on 30 October 1905, in Constanța. As a young graduate of the School of Civil Engineering in Rome, he returned to Constanța and began to work as a design architect. Maicu remained in his native city until 1940, where he authored over 100 buildings, including hotels, villas, rental houses, both within the city, and on the seafront. After 1940, he settled in Bucharest, and worked as a design architect under the name of Horia Maicu. In 1950, he turned to teaching as well, becoming a professor within ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute. Between 1958 and 1969, he was chief architect of Bucharest.
He passed away in 1975.

(Fișă realizată de Georgiana Ivan, 2017)



    (30 October 1905, Constanța - 15 July 1975, Bucharest)
    Academic/specialized studies
    ? - 1931 - School of Civil Engineering in Rome (graduated in 1931).
    Teaching (disciples and influence)
    ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute in Bucharest.
    Public/professional activity (affiliations, administrative positions, committees)
    1958 - 1969 - Chief architect of Bucharest.


    1931 - 1940 - hotels, villas, rental houses (aprox. 100 works), Constanța;
    1945 - 1947 - Palace Hall of the Socialist Republic of Romania (in collaboration with Tiberiu Ricci and Ignace Șerban), Bucharest;
    1945 - 1947 - Apartment building, 3 Batiștei Street, Bucharest;
    1945 - 1947 - Apartment building, N. Filipescu Street, Bucharest;
    1945 - 1947 - Apartment building, Vasile Conta Street, Bucharest;
    1949 - National Theatre, Bucharest;
    1949 - Mausoleum in Libertății Park, Bucharest;
    1949 - Romanian Embassy in Varșovia, Poland;
    1949 - 1953 - Polygraphic Factory ’’Casa Scânteii” (in collaboration with Nicolae Bădescu, Marcel Locar, Mircea Alifanti), Bucharest.
    Awards and distinctions
    1962 - State prize of People’s Republic of Romania in 1962, for his work ’’Palace Hall of the People’s Republic of Romania.’’


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