Architect Anca Borgovan started her design work in 1958, as a member of the team of architects designing the Holiday Centre in Eforie resort, led by Cezar Lăzărescu and Lucian Popovici. This team also included architects N. Stopler, A. Solari Grimberg, Virginia Petrea, Paul Focşa, and Gheorghe Dorin. In 1960, Anca Borgovan received a position within ISCAS, where she worked as design architect, as part of the team coordinated by Cezar Lăzărescu, designing hotels and restaurants in the project called ’’Mamaia accommodating 10 000 people”. This team of architects included Lucian Popovici, Ludovic Staadecker, Adam Toma, Virginia Petrea, Mina Laurian, Cristian Ionescu, and Violeta Constantinescu. During the planning stage, new construction techniques were experimented. The building ensemble comprised two open-air theatres, each with 1 200 seats, shopping centres, nautical clubs, casino, restaurants and clubs. After 1968, Anca Borgovan worked for Carpaţi Architectural Design Institute, and between 1970 and 1984 she was head of the architecture team, supervising works such as the Parliament in Khartoum - Sudan (1970) or the extension of ENT Hospital - Panduri ’’Prof. Hociota”. In 1970, her project ’’A city of leisure in the year 2000” was selected among the best 10 projects within the International Competition of Architecture in Paris. In 1986, she relocated to the USA, where she began working on both residential architectural projects in New York and Connecticut, and interior design projects, including housing, office buildings and bank headquarters.
(Gabriela Petrescu, 2017)



    (Bucharest, 17 April 1932)
    Academic/specialized studies
    ? - 1958 - ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute, Bucharest.
    1973 - Doctoral thesis entitled Arhitectură şi loisir, PhD advisor Prof. Arch. Horia Maicu.
    Teaching (disciples and influence)
    1971 - 1979 - Head of architectural works, Architectural Design Department within ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute, supervisor Arch. Cezar Lăzărescu.
    Public/professional activity (affiliations, administrative positions, committees)
    In 1958 - she became a member of the team of architects led by Arch. Cezar Lăzărescu and Lucian Popovici that designed the Holiday Centre in Eforie... (Nord sau Sud?) resort.
    In 1960 - she started working as an architect for ISCAS, where she carried out architectural design projects as part of the team led by architect Cezar Lăzărescu, for  hotels and restaurants, within the project called ’’Mamaia accommodating 10 000 people”. The ensemble comprised two open-air theatres, each with 1 200 seats, shopping centres, nautical clubs, casino, restaurants and clubs.
    In 1960 - she started working for Carpaţi Architectural Design Institute.
    1961 - She became a member of the Union of Romanian Architects.
    1965 - 1972 - Member of the Board of the Union of Romanian Architects.
    1970 - 1984 - Head of the architecture colloquium within Carpaţi Architectural Design Institute.
    1975 - Took part in the Congress of the International Union of Women Architects, in Bucharest.
    1976 - Participated in the UIA World Congress, in Varna, Bulgaria.
    In 1986 - she began working as an architect in the USA, designing residential architecture projects in New York and Connecticut.



    Completed projects
    Architectural projects
    1958 - Holiday building complex, Eforie Sud;
    1960 - Lora Restaurant in Mamaia;
    1960 - 1961 - Holiday resort - ’’Mamaia accommodating 10 000 people” (general supervisor - Arch. Cezar Lăzărescu);
    1960 - Lake I and Lake II Guest House, Bucharest;
    1960 - Guest House in Timişul de Jos;
    1967 - Villas in Neptun resort, stage I;
    1968 - Cultural House in Onești;
    1968 - Meeting hall in Neptun;
    1968 - House in Gogol Street, Bucharest;
    1968 - Villa Marina in Mamaia;
    1970 - Restaurants in Neptun resort, stage II;
    1970 - Dacia Hotel, Piaţa Victoriei, Bucharest (project);
    1971 - Restaurants and retail stores in Olimp resort;
    1972 - ’’Nunta Zamfirei” restaurant in Eforie Nord (design architect);
    1977 - Palace of Parliament, Khartoum, Sudan;
    1980 - Museum of Contemporary Art, Turnu Severin (project);
    ? - Remodelling and interior decoration work on hotels, restaurants, villas, sports facilities in Pârâul Rece resort;
    1982 - National Museum of Science and Technology, Bucharest, Civic Centre (project);
    1983 - Turning ’’Cuza House” into a UN Youth Centre - remodelling works, Calea Victoriei, Bucharest;
    1992 - Project for National Museum of Science and Technology.
    Editorial activity
    LĂZĂRESCU, Cezar, CRISTEA, Gabriel, GHEORGHIU, Dinu, BORGOVAN, Anca, Arhitectura românească contemporană, Editura Meridiane, Bucharest, 1972.
    She published articles in Arhitectura magazine.
    Competitions. Awards and distinctions.
    1964 - ’’Ordinul Muncii” Prize.
    1971 - ’’Steaua Republicii” Prize.


    Primary sources
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    Secondary sources
    PEPCHINSKI, Mary, SIMON, Mariann, Ideological Equals: Women Architects in Socialist Europe 1945 - 1989, Routledge, 2016.
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