Architect Nicolae Sabin Dâncu began his design work within IPROTIM, where he became the youngest head of studio, specializing in hospital building, including hospitals such as:  Timișoara County Clinical Hospital - for which he was awarded the Prize of the Union of Romanian Architects, in 1974 and Labour Order Class III, County Hospital and hospital departments in Drobeta-Turnu Severin, as well as Reșița Medical Centre. After 1990, he designed and built several religious edifices, including: the Orthodox Church of Steaua Parish in Timişoara, the Roman Catholic Church in Reşiţa, the Greek Catholic Monastery in Giroc, and ’’Sfântul Vasile” Orthodox Church in Dumbrăvița. Dâncu shared his professional experience with the students of the Faculty of Architecture in Timişoara, where he had a long teaching career. After his death, his heirs made a generous donation, which allowed OAR Timişoara to create a grant bearing his name, given to a young student promoting architectural topics inspired by or applied in the countryside.
(Gabriela Petrescu, 2017)



    (Miercurea Ciuc, 14 July 1937 - 11 November 2010)
    Academic/specialized studies
    1961 - He graduated ’’Ion Mincu’’ Architecture Institute.
    Teaching (disciples and influence)
    In 1970 - he became professor at the Faculty of Architecture.
    In 1990 - he became professor at the Faculty of Architecture within Polytechnic University in Timişoara.
    Public/professional activity (affiliations, administrative positions, committees)
    In 1957 - he began working as an architect for IPROTIM.
    Member of OAR, UAR and UAP.


    1964 - Border checkpoint at Stamora, Moraviţa;
    1966 - Hercules Hotel, Băile Herculane;
    1970 - Department store, Timişoara;
    1974 - County Clinical Hospital Timişoara;
    1980 - County Clinical Hospital and hospital departments in Drobeta-Turnu Severin;
    1982 - Laboratories within the Polytechnic Institute in Timişoara;
    (?) - Reşiţa Medical Centre;
    (?) - Lunca Bârzavei Building Complex;
    (?) - Residential buildings, Timiş, Bihor, Caraş-Severin;
    (?) - Student hostels, designed in Timiş, Bihor, Caraş-Severin counties;
    After 1990 - Orthodox Church of Steaua Parish in Timişoara;
    After 1990 - Roman Catholic Church in Reşiţa;
    After 1990 - Greek Catholic Monastery in Giroc;
    1995 - ’’Sfântul Vasile” Orthodox Church in Dumbrăvița.
    Competitions. Awards and distinctions
    1974 - The Prize of the Union of Romanian Architects.
    (?) - He was decorated with the Labour Order Class III.


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    Secondary sources
    Arhitectura magazine, 1950-1989.