Dinu Gheorghiu is an architect whose works were admired and talked about in the 1960s, becoming landmarks in the Romanian architecture of the time. He designed ensembles such as Cap Aurora, Parc Hotel and others, and co-designed Europa Hotel in Eforie Nord, Otopeni International Airport, projects executed by architect Cezar Lăzărescu. Over the past 20 years, he designed more than 400 projects in his architecture studio, most of them located in the Middle East.
(Gabriela Petrescu, 2017)



    (Braşov, 1932; in 1978, he settled in Athens)
    Academic/specialized studies
    1957 – He graduated ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute (IAIM), Bucharest.
    Teaching (disciples and influence)
    1964 – Assistant professor, ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute.
    1967 - Lecturer, ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute.
    1975 - Conferentiary, ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute.
    Public/professional activity (affiliations, administrative positions, committees)
    1967 - Architect, head of project within Carpaţi Design Institute.
    1979 - Consulting architect and designer within Frank Brasil and Farman Farmaians firms in Athens.
    1980 - Designer within the Greek firm Helleniki Techniki, for works in Iran.
    1982 – Projects within his own firm, Dino Georgiou - Parteners Architects, planners
    interior design.


    Completed projects
    1958 – Romania’s pavilions and exhibitions in Paris, Poznan, Palermo, Gliwice (Poland);
    1958 – Health centre, Mangalia;
    1959 – Villas in Mangalia;
    1960 – Systematization of the central area in Mangalia (co-author);
    1961 – Spa and health centre complex, Mangalia (co-author);
    1962 - Housing, in the central area of Baia Mare (co-author);
    1963 – Housing ensemble, Coşbuc Street, Baia Mare (author);
    1964 – Guest House I, Lakes, Bucharest (co-author);
    1965 - Guest House II, Lakes, Bucharest (co-author);
    1965 - Europa Hotel, Eforie (co-author);
    1966 - Motel in Snagov (co-author);
    1966 - Guest House, Snagov (author);
    1967 – Conference room with a capacity of 500 seats, Bucharest (co-author);
    1968-1970 - Bucharest International Airport (co-author);
    1968 - Hotel in Buzău (author);
    1969 - Hotel in Botoşani (author);
    1970 - Clăbucet Restaurant, Neptun (author);
    1970 – Writers’ House, Olimp (author);
    1970 - Sarmis Hotel, Deva (author);
    1971 – Systematization of Pascomilia residential ensemble, Greece;
    1971- Intercontinental Hotel in Athens and Crete; 
    1971 – Hotel complex in Crete;
    1971 – Guest House, Olăneşti (author);
    1971 – Artificial skating rink in Piraeus, Greece;
    1972 – Aurora tourist ensemble, stages I (1000 beds) and II (3000 beds), author;
    1972 – Training and improvement centre for professionals in the oil industry, Bucharest (author);
    1972 - Hotel in Eilat, Israel;
    1974 - Turist and Parc Hotels, Poligrafiei Blvd., Bucharest (in collaboration with Arch. G. Tureanu and Gabriel Iordănescu);
    1986 - Port Authorities Headquarters & Parking, Kuwait;
    1990 - Porto Centre Offices - Shopping Centre, Thessaloniki;
    1996 – Shopping mall and offices, Kuweit;
    2002 - Symphony Complex, Kuweit;
    2002 - Hotel and offices, Kuweit;
    2004 – Hotel and commercial ensemble, Bahrain;
    2006 – Residential tower, Al Muadj, Kuweit.
    Competitions*. Awards and distinctions
    1st Prize
    1959- Systematization of Unirii Square, Iaşi.
    1960- Systematization of the central area in Timişoara.
    1965- Systematization of Tineretului Square, Iaşi.
    1965- Systematization of the city boundary area in Piteşti.
    1965- Systematization of the centre of Hunedoara.
    2nd Prize
    1958- Craiova National Theatre.
    1959- Systematization of the centre of Ploieşti.
     3rd Prize
    1959- Systematization of Unirii Square, Bucharest.
    1967- Systematization of the central area in Iaşi and Focşani.
    Honourable Mentions
    1957- Tourist systematization of Mamaia.
    1960- Systematization of the central area in Timişoara.
    1965- Bucharest National Theatre.
    1967- Systematization of the central area in Focşani.
    1961- UAR award for the spa and health centre in Mangalia.
    1966- UAR award for Europa Hotel.
    1970- UAR award for Bucharest International Airport.
    1970- UAR award for Writers’ House.
    1972- UAR award for Olimp resort.
    1972- UAR award for Sarmis Hotel, Deva.
    * Most projects are carried out together with Architects Gabriel Cristea and Constantin Săvescu.


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    Secondary sources
    Arhitectura magazine, 1960-1989.