Sanda Voiculescu was one of the most respected professors. After 1990, she dedicated herself to the study and research of the city of Bucharest, carrying out restoration and rehabilitation studies of the architectural heritage in Bucharest. Through her historical studies on Bucharest, especially after 1990, Sanda Voiculescu developed a research methodology that she entrusted to future architects. In the academia, Sanda Voiculescu was a member of the history department. After 1990, under her guidance, the History Department resumed its activity by continuing traditions and consolidating the theoretical disciplines that had been limited in the past, as well as
by opening up to contemporary developments.

(author: Gabriela Petrescu, 2017)


(Craiova, 1940 - Bucharest, 2002)
Academic/specialized studies
1962 - She graduated ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute (IAIM), Bucharest.
1965 - Attended the ’’Andrea Palladio” International Centre for Architectural Studies in Vicenza.
1972 - She received the title of Doctor of Architecture with the thesis entitled Arhitectura Ţării Româneşti în secolele XIII-XVI, în contextul sud-est european, under the supervision of Professor Grigore Ionescu.
Teaching (disciples and influence)
1962-1972 – Assistant professor, ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute within the History Department.
1972 – After receiving her PhD title, she became a tenured professor, teaching the History of Art course to 5th year students.
1973 - Lecturer, ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute.
1973 – Teaching the courses Introduction to the History of Universal and Romanian Architecture (Antiquity and the Middle Ages), Synthesis of arts and architecture (optional course, 5th year) and part of the History of Furniture course (4th year).
1981-1989 – Teaching the courses History of Universal Architecture: Antiquity and the Middle Ages and History of Arts, 1st and 2nd years.
After 1990 – Head of the history of architecture department, which she reorganized.
1992 – She founded the post-graduate course Restoration of Monuments, Ensembles and Historic Sites.
1993 - Conferentiary, ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute.
1996 – Professor within the Department of History, ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute.
Professional activity (affiliations, administrative positions, committees
1964-1968 – She worked within the Directorate of Historic Monuments.
1990 - Member of the National Commission for Monuments and Historical Sites (reestablished in 1990).
Other relevant information
She authored or co-authored restoration projects, such as the execution project for the restoration of ’’Radu Vodă” Church in Bucharest.   
Studying the history of Bucharest was Sanda Voiculescu’s favourite research topic, and she created a research methodology available to architects willing to re-evaluate the city.
1976 – The study entitled Studiul de delimitare a zonei istorice a oraşului Bucureşti, supervised by Gheorghe Curinschi Vorona and authored by: Doina Cristea, Șerban Popescu Criveanu, Sanda Voiculescu, Mira Dordea, Anton Moisescu, Marioara Nicorescu was completed.
After 1990 - She focused on historical studies on the development of the city of Bucharest.


Editorial activity
She published articles and studies in Arhitectura, Secolul XX, Monumente Istorice, Arhitex design, Editura UAUIM magazines.
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