With a sustained work in the fields of academic teaching, research, and design, Angela Filipeanu stands out thorough her exceptional professional attitude. She has managed to combine the three aspects of her professional life in a balanced way, permanently focusing on the teaching area. Filipeanu is one of the first professionals who have successfully supported and promoted the need to develop Landscaping in the field of Architecture and Urbanism academic studies in Romania. Throughout her career, she has always been committed to self-improvement, constantly focusing on the teaching process, leaving a mark in the field of architecture, urbanism and landscaping.
(Gabriela Petrescu, 2017)


(Gura Ocniţei, 1933)
Academic/specialized studies
1958 – She graduated ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute (IAIM), Bucharest.
1981 – She was awarded a PhD title, specializing in Architecture, Urbanism, and Landscaping, with the thesis Implicarea Calităţii în organizarea Spaţiilor Verzi în procesul de Integrare Urbană.
Teaching (disciples and influence)
1990-2003 – Member of the IAIM Senate.
1994-2000 – Head of Urban Planning and Land Management Department.
1999-2011 – Doctoral thesis advisor, in the fields of Urbanism, Land Management, and Landscaping.
In 2001 – She was assigned the position of studies supervisor, Faculty of Urbanism, Landscaping Department.
2003-2011 – She supervised 12 doctoral theses, of which 7 focused on Landscaping.  
2010-2011 – Consulting and associate Professor (UAUIM), Landscaping Department supervisor, doctoral theses and bachelor degree diplomas advisor; she held specialty courses until 2011.
Course tenure: Landscaping (1970-2011), morpho-typological urban analysis (1978-2011), Context and urban form (Master Urb., 1999-2002), Sitology (Masters in Urbanism, 2010).
Public/professional activity (affiliations, administrative positions, committees)
1958-1968 – Designing Architect (part-time) within major design institutes
(IPCT, ISART, ISCAS, Bucharest).
1968-1974 - Specialist architect, head of project, author of studies, research and projects drafted within IAIM for major research and design institutes (Bucharest, Giurgiu, Vaslui, Bârlad, etc.).
1974-1978 – Head of works and specialist architect (technical consultant), at the University in Constantine (Algeria) and CURER (Research, Design, and Execution Centre within the same university).
1990-2003 – Associate specialist architect - URBAN PROIECT, PRODOMUS, CPU - CGMB, ROINVEST.
1990-2003 – Associate architect, URBIS ’90 S.R.L studio.
2001 - CNCSIS expert (National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education).
Member of UAR, APUR and RUR.
Member of the Territorial Strategy team within U.A.T. Technical Commission
(General Mayor Provision 124/1997 and Provision 14/1995 – 95, GO of CGMB)
Member of the Technical Superior Council, Commission for Urbanism and Land Management (MLPAT Provision 25/31.05.1998), CTUAT.


Completed projects
Architectural projects (period between 1960 and 1989)
1958 - Cafeteria and medical office, Vultural, Comarnic, stage II, head of project;  
1961 - Apartment building ground floor shops, Oneşti, co-designed;
1962 - Stores in Oneşti central ensemble, co-designed;
1965-1969 - Landscaping works, leisure spaces, green spaces in residential areas in Galaţi, Hunedoara, Petroşani, Oneşti, Lupeni, Piteşti (head of project, co-designer), ISCAS contract, CPJ beneficiaries.
1970- Headquarters of the People’s Council in Tg. Jiu, extension, co-author;
1971 - Landscaping design (green spaces) for Neptun resort (co-designer), IP Carpaţi contract.
1974 - Systematization of Ain-Babouche, Mekiana, Ain M’Lila communes, plan designer, Constantine University, Algeria; territorial systematization of the area including 5 communes in Oum-el-Bouaghi wilaya, Constantine University, Algeria
1977 - Territorial planning of the Djebel – Ouach area – project author for «settlement problem», Constantine University, Algeria;
1976-1977 - Housing and amenities project, F’Kirina village: People’s Council (A.P.C.), public bath (hammam), middle school and teacher’s house (CEM), shopping market (Souk) – author and co-author, Constantine University, Algeria;
1978 – Proposal for land parcelling in Chelghoum – Laid (proposition pour une methode de realisation des lotissements – application sur Chelgoun – Laid, scientific study, displayed within the department of architecture, Constantine University, Algeria;
1979 - Study of market design parameters in Romanian towns and cities – co-author;
1980 - ’’Prodana” Leisure and sports facility area, Bârlad (author), IAIM contract, CPJ Vaslui;
1980 - - Park in Vaslui (author), IAIM contract, CPJ Vaslui;
1985 - Detail and set-up for Băneasa recreational base (head of project), IAIM contract;
1987 - Landscaping works, Durău resort, IAIM contract.
Urban and specialized projects (main studies, period between 1989 and 2003)
1990-2000 – Study on residential ensembles, Romanian experience in the European context. Proposals for the 1990-2000 stage (head of project), IAIM contract.
1991 – Study on specific issues in port-cities and towns (free port), ’’Giurgiu free port” case (head of project), URBAN contract.
1991 – Restoration and revitalization study for old building facades in Cernavodă (head of project), URBIS, COMPROIECT contract.
1992 - Study on the delimitation and protection of areas including historical monuments of international value (’’Voroneţ” case, head of project), URBAN PROIECT contract.
1992 - Peri-urban connections in large cities, ’’Ploieşti, Braşov, Timişoara” case (head of project), MLPAT contract.
1991-1993 - Regional Urban Planning for Şoseaua Kiseleff, B-dul 1 Mai; Mioriţa area, Şoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti; Romanian Academy and the National University of Arts areas, Aviatorilor Square area (author), URBIS ’90-ROINVEST contract.
1995 – ’’Cities’ green ecosystem”, PRODOMUS contract.
1995 – Green spaces and peri-urban networks, research study for the General Urban Plan of Iaşi (author), CPM Iaşi contract.
1996 – Urban green spaces system in Giurgiu, research study for the General Urban Plan of Giurgiu (author), CPM Giurgiu contract.
1996 - Landscaping study of the Danube riparian area in Giurgiu (co-author), CPM Giurgiu contract.
1994-1997 – Development directions, meaning and intensity in Bucharest, CLMB – CPU study (author).
1996 - Determination of the conceptual framework of the areas with servitude and free of servitude in Bucharest’s urbanized and influential areas (head of project), CPUMB contract.
1997 – Landscaping work on DN2 Afumaţi - Urziceni (head of project), MT (DGRB) contract.
2001 – Regional Urban Planning in the riparian area of Dâmboviţa River, within Bucharest (head of project), CGMB – CPU contract.
2002- Study regarding the landscaping potential of the Dâmboviţa river riparian area (Regional Urban Planning research- Dâmboviţa), author;
2004 - Regional Urban Planning study, Herăstrău Park, complex head of project (CPU - CGMB contract).
2004 - Regional Urban Planning study, Tineretului Park, complex head of project (CPU - CGMB contract).
Competitions. Awards and distinctions
1982 – Prize of the Union of Romanian Architects (UA) for research: Lead researcher in multidisciplinary research work on ’’Solutions for saving conventional energy resources in terms of residential buildings location and position’’.
1984 - UA Prize for systematization, co-author of „Ansamblul rezidenţial şi dotări social-culturale cornişa Giurgiu”.
1998 – Diploma and Medal for IAIM work - „Zone construite protejate” (head supervisor), nominated by the jury of the Architecture Biennial, 1998, Urbanism Section.
2002 – ’’Steaua României” National Order, KNIGHT rank, awarded by the President of Romania (1 November, 2002).
2008 – Diploma and prize awarded by the Romanian Register of Urban Planners for the work „Planuri urbanistice zonale - amenajarea peisagistică a parcurilor Bucureştiului” (October, 2008).
2012 – Distinction for ’’Recognizing Excellence in Architecture Education’’, on the occasion of the anniversary of 120 years of existence of the Romanian School of Architecture.


Primary sources
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Secondary sources
Arhitectura magazine, 1960-2016.