(Mariana Croitoru, 2017)



    (Fetești, 15 September 1938)
    Academic/specialized studies
    1961-1964 - Technical School of Architecture and Construction (STACO), Bucharest.
    1964-1970 – ’’Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute, Bucharest.
    1980 – PhD in architecture with the thesis Construcțiile de cultură și coeziune socială pentru tineret, scientific advisors: Arch. Horia Maicu, Gabriel Cristea
    Teaching (disciples and influence)
    1970-1978 – Academic assistant, IAIM, Bucharest.
    1978-1991 – Head of works, the Department for the ’’Synthesis of Architectural Design’’, IAIM, Bucharest.
    1991-1993 - Conferentiary, Department of ’’Architectural Design Basics”, IAIM, Bucharest.
    1993-present – Professor within the Department of ’’Architectural Design Basics”, UAUIM, Bucharest.
    2012 - Professor emeritus, title awarded by the UAUIM Senate.
    Since 1991 he has been a doctoral thesis advisor.
    Public/professional activity (affiliations, administrative positions, committees)
    1969-1989 – He travelled to Europe with his students.
    1970 – He founded the Academic Centre for Research Studies.
    1996-1998 – Dean of IAIM, Bucharest.
    1998-2000 - Prorector of IAIM, Bucharest.
    2000-2008 - Rector of UAUIM, Bucharest.
    2008-2012 – President of UAUIM, Bucharest.
    2012-present – Honorific president of UAUIM, Bucharest.



    1973 – Youth Atheneum, Reșița;
    1973 – Food and entertainment complex for young people, Costinești;
    1978 – ’’Student Parc” Hotel, Lacul Tei, Bucharest;
    1979-1981 – Youth House, Slatina;
    1983-1984 – Health centre, Târgu Jiu;
    1984 - Bucharest, Galați;
    1997 - Pro Rapid Centre, Bucharest;
    2001-2002 – Football centre, Bucharest;
    2004-2005 - FRF Technical Training Centre, Mogoșoaia;
    2004-2007 – National Arena, Bucharest;
    2008 - Swimming pool and Olympic pool, Polytechnic University of Timișoara;
    2010 – Olympic House, Bucharest;
    2011 – UAUIM swimming pool, Bucharest.
    Restoration projects
    2009-2012 - Cișmigiu Hotel, Regina Elisabeta Blvd, Bucharest.
    Interior design projects
    2009-2012 - Cișmigiu Hotel, Gambrinus Beerhouse, Humanitas Bookshop, Regina Elisabeta Blvd, Bucharest.
    Competitions. Awards and distinctions
    1979 – 1st Prize of UAR for ’’Student Parc” Hotel project, Lacul Tei, Bucharest.
    1984 – 3rd Prize of UAR for Youth House project, Galați.
    1986 - 1st Prize of UAR for Youth House project, Slatina.
    1987 – 2nd Prize, the International Biennial of Architecture, Sofia, Bulgaria.
    1991 – Hotel, accommodating 400 people, Chișinău (his team included Constantin Dobre, Victor Ivaneș, Toma Olteanu).
    2002 – Medal at the UAR Biennial for Football Centre project, Bucharest.
    2004 - Honoris Causa Professor of ’’Ricardo Palma” University, Peru.
    2006 - Medal at the UAR Biennial for FRF Technical Training Centre, Mogoșoaia.
    2006 – Prize of the ’’Publications” department, OAR Architecture Annual, ARHITEXT magazine, ARHITECTURE-DESIGN-ARTS, founding director: Prof. PhD. Arch. Emil Barbu Popescu.
    2009 - ’’Brilliant Minds of the 21st Century’’ plaque, awarded by the American Institute for Biographies (ABI), SUA.
    2012 - In Honoris Diploma offered by Bucharest City Hall.
    2012 - Corresponding member of the Academy of Technical Sciences in Romania (ASTR).
    2013 - Prize for Architecture of the Romanian Academy.
    Editorial activity
    POPESCU, Emil Barbu, O profesie de credință, Editura Universitatea Ion Mincu, Bucharest, 2014.
    POPESCU, Mac, Dialoguri cu Emil Barbu Popescu, Editura Casa de pariuri literare, Bucharest, 2016.


    Primary sources
    Archives of Prof. emeritus PhD. Arch. Emil Barbu Popescu