"The first mentioning of Johann Freywald’s activity in Bucharest is to be found in the decree issued by Wallachia’s ruler, Ioan GH. Caragea, on March 18th 1815: «Sir Fainvrah (Freywald - n.n.), engineer and architect, because now it is the time to materialize the forethought that the great noblemen planned through the anaphora for Dambovita’s riverbed; therefore, you have been commissioned, among other ordained representatives by my Reign, to go to Dambovita’s riverbed and, consequently, to thoroughly follow the steps compiled by the noblemen in the aforementioned anaphora.»".
ION, Narcis Dorin, Elitele si arhitectura rezidentiala in Tarile Romane (sec. XIX-XX), Oscar Print, Bucuresti, 2011, p. 240.