Regizorul Liviu Ciulei:
’’The architect who designed this book, Radu Udroiu, had a great influence upon me. On the bookshelves in this living room, there are all sorts of volumes on the history of furniture, in different centuries, the history of costume, history of details, as well as books about academic architecture in France. It is Udroiu who gave me a lot of architecture magazines from the 1930s and 1940s…”.
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The competition for workers’ blocks of flats on Maior Coravu Street
’’Following the presentation of the design project by the architects participating in the competition published by the House of Constructions for the blocks of flats designed for Vatra Luminoasă, the jury […] including Eng. I Drossescu, President, Arch. Grigore Ionescu, dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Arch. Titu Evolceanu, dean of the College of Architects, as members, with Arch. I Hanciu as secretary, convened on 12 and 13 September 1945, within the headquarters of the House of Constructions, where they went on to assess the projects presented, reaching the following resolution, as resulting from the record of proceedings of the meeting: the 1st prize is awarded to architects R. Udroiu and N. Lupu, for the project number 14 red”.

Source: National Archives, Casa Construcțiilor Fund, Files 7/1946